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Why Korda?

Korda AS anglers produce quality tackle FOR anglers. Within the team there is a mindblowing amount of experience and if we added it up in years to create a carp angler it would be one wrinkly, old chap. There isn’t any company within the industry comprising such a magnificent team of anglers. Even the guys in our sales and telephone operators are dedicated carp fanatics.

Age: 32 PB: 65lb 4oz

Darrell is one of the finest big-carp anglers of his generation. The Fat Lady, Heather The Leather, Two Tone and many more colossal carp have laid before him on the mat. This man can only be described as a carp-catching machine!

Darrell’s predatory instinct and desire to catch large, target carp makes him a remarkable specimen hunter. He keeps his rigs and baits simple but it’s his watercraft and rig placement that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Darrell knows exactly when to pinpoint certain fish and where to find them through research and dedication.

After banking the biggest carp in the UK at just ounces under the record, you might think that Darrell would be taking it easy. You’d be wrong though, because he’s still out there, doing it! If you fancy seeing how he does it close up then you can book a tutorial with the man himself.