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It was way back in 1982 when I first laid eyes on the St Ives complex of lakes and I fished it on and off for the next 8 years.
Since then it has matured and many of the carp have grown on to become famous and highly prized.

The ever increasing army of carpers is growing and the trend for results has led to an explosion of instant carping. Stocked lakes full of fish where you can catch a twenty, a thirty, a forty or even a fifty. Swims are built with railway sleepers and hardcore, toilets and showers are provided for the endless stream of punters. Carpers from all over flock to cut their teeth and make their names on them, but St Ives is different.
None of the above applies to this place, it’s wild and rough where waders and a ‘can do’ attitude are essential piece’s of kit.

For me though, it’s not about named fish or their weights, but the place itself. It has an atmosphere and wildness about it that changes you.

This is a true story of one carper, as it happens, keeping it real, seeking adventure and having fun.
This is true carping.

My thanks to Gordy Howes the fishery manager and all the other carpers @ St Ives for putting up with me, sharing cuppers and info plus making me feel so welcome.
MrMartin for getting me back on the place and St Ives tackle for the great kit.

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