Named after Danny F’s favourite swim on Elstow 1 and because there is no espace from the Sun!
Prevailing Wind: ENE, N
Average Depth: 23 Feet
Hot Areas

This swim has one of the few features in the lake straight out from the swim at approx 28 Rod Lengths.

Rods fished close to this area (weed permitting) will always score best. The fish will show directly at the ‘W’ in the tree line straight ahead of you, they will be at monster range (180yds) in the day, don’t be decoyed by this, they will get caught at 25-35 RL, pop the float up at 29 RL and go round to The Beech, it should line up with a very prominent telegraph pole in the distance, this is an area the fish always show at first thing in the morning, indicating a feeing area. If the wind is banging into the swim the fish will show and be caught much closer at around 18 RL so don’t cast too far if the wind is banging into the area.

Noteable Captures

Darrell Peck had 25 fish in 5 days in 2010 fishing at the ‘W’ at 130 yards including Rigadon and The Clown both upper 40’s back then.

Danny F copied Darrell’s tactics in 2011 and had 16 fish in a week including Cluster at 58, Drop Tail at 67 and Fudgies at 74, all taken in daylight at 30 RL.

In spring 2012 Drop Tail was caught on a zig at 72lbs at about 90 yards.