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Age: 41 PB: 50lb 12oz (mirror) 44lb 9oz (common)

Dave started carp fishing after a good few years of coarse fishing. At the tender age of 13, he started to become obsessed with carp and every weekend, in fact every spare minute of his life, would be spent fishing for carp.

As he became more experienced Dave opted to fish waters that held bigger carp, with his first twenty coming from Aquatels in Basildon.
Having succeeded in catching one of the biggest in the lake, Dave moved onto Yateley targeting the Match Lake, where he managed to outwit some lovely carp up to 26lb – not huge carp by today’s standards but back then they were good fish. Since then, it has just got better and better and Dave has now tallied an impressive number of carp – he’s had thirties from 20 different waters, 7 forties and a fifty.

His biggest strength is the ability to adapt to any kind of water. He only has limited time on the bank so rarely sits and waits for the fish to come to him. He will keep his eyes on the water and will always take the weather into account, which will normally tell you where the carp are. Dave doesn’t stick to one rig, he will use a presentation that he feels is required in the angling situation that presents itself, as is also the case with bait.

Dave loves fishing small, intimate estate lakes that contain old, scaly, English carp that have been almost forgotten about.