Age: 43 PB: 48lb 10oz (UK) 72lb (France)

Danny Fairbrass, the gaffer, was the founder of Korda Developments and, alongside his great team, has made Korda what it is today. He began his career traipsing around Walthamstow Reservoirs selling leads from his bucket, so you can appreciate that he’s come a long way!
With a creative, trusted and innovative team behind him, Danny likes to spend time out the office to maximise his fishing efforts. This angling can take the form of magazine articles, television series or, when he gets time, his own personal pursuit of big carp at home and abroad.
Over the past few years, Dan has managed some truly magnificent fish from both home and abroad to over 70lb in weight. His mind is constantly in overdrive, innovating and developing new ideas to help improve his catch rate.
Danny is an authority on precision distance fishing and his spodding has to be seen to be believed! His rig thinking never stands still and the valuable insight that the Underwater series gave him means that he’s always developing new solutions to all our rig problems. Dan’s material is never dull so keep an eye out for his thought-provoking contributions on this site.