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Co-presenter and ex-Olympic athlete Dean Macey, who stars alongside celebrities from the worlds of film, television, sport and music in the hour-long, challenge-based shows, said: “If you’re looking for an angling-based show that will have you glued to the edge of your seats, in fits of laughter and gagging to get out on the bank, then this is it!

“It’s taking fishing shows to a whole new level, so hopefully it won’t only be the dads and lads watching, but the whole family.

“We’ve been so lucky with the quality of guests on the show too; from Hollywood hard men and Chelsea posh boys to sporting legends, and they were all brilliant to work with and come across really well on the show. Let’s face it – sometimes angling could do with a little more glamour!

“I’ve been lucky to have been involved in a few major events in my life, in both fishing and sport, and I’m so proud to have played a role in The Big Fish Off journey.” Dean added.

Co-host Ali Hamidi commented: “We can now announce that the five-show series starts on ITV4 at 8pm on Wednesday, 11th February.

“The shows will then air every Wednesday night at the same time for the next four weeks, and there will be repeats on the following Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Things can be subject to change, but that is the current plan.

Urging people to get behind the new series, Thinking Tackle presenter Ali also said: “It’s important that the whole angling community gets behind this – it really is a landmark moment for fishing and we want anglers of every persuasion, from carpers to all-round anglers, plus their family, friends, girlfriends and colleagues, watching the programs.

“It’s important to emphasis that the programs aren’t technical and we don’t take it at all seriously, although Dean and I are naturally very competitive and that comes across in the shows!

“We want to show that angling is a great hobby for everyone. The camaraderie, laughs and lows are all shown across the five episodes and the guests were all great, even though some of them had never fished before,” added Ali.