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Age: 34 PB: 41lb 8oz (UK) 52lb 6oz (France)

Before he joined Korda in 2007, Neil worked in a busy tackle shop. This put him right in the front line when it comes to dealing with problems that many anglers experience.
He works full time, which means that his fishing time is limited. However, he chooses his waters carefully so that he can squeeze overnighters in between work and still visit the lake regularly when he is not angling. This way he can keep in touch with the water so that when he turns up he is still in tune and already has a good idea as to where the fish are.
Neil is as happy fishing runs waters as he is sitting and waiting for that next, elusive big ‘un. He still gets the same amount of excitement when the Delkim screams no matter what the size of the culprit.
If you do happen to bump into Neil when you are fishing make sure you stop and have a chat and he might just put the kettle on!